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Areas in Riga

Riga is quite a big city with an area of 307.17 km² (118.6 sq mi) and a population of 727,578 (2006). It is a good idea to look at the map of Riga to choose the accommodation location. The most tourist areas are the following:

Old Riga (Vecrīga): located on the East side of Daugava river is the historical centre of the city and the most tourist part of it. Declared UNESCO World Heritage site it is full of Art Nouveau architecture, the magnificent 13th century Doma Cathedral and St. John's Church and the St. Peter's Church. Narrow cobbled streets busy during the day and with a vivid nightlife. You will need approximately half a day to walk Vecrīga around.

Riga Centre: The best area due to location, shopping posibilities, entertainment places is the area delimited by the Daugava river on the West side to Senku and Pernavas streets on the East side and from Marijas and Caka streets on the South to Hanzas and Skanstes streets on the North. Inside this area the most exclusive areas order by price are Old Riga, Boulevard district (Aspazlijas, Raina, Elizabetes, Antonijas, Ausekla, Vidus streets) and around Hotel Reval (Dzirnavu, Terbatas, Baznicas, Skolas streets). You can reach Old Riga from any point in this area in less that 25min walking and 10 min with Riga's cheap and efficient public transport.

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